Crypto 101

Cryptocurrencies 101: What You Need To Know in 2021

The full information regarding Cryptocurrency, blockchain , benefits of cryptocurrency? ,How to buy cryptocurrencies and some basics

What is Cryptocurrency?

An untraceable and decentralised money that cuts out any third parties, like as banks, in exchange transactions between two parties. Cryptology, which includes cryptographic techniques and encryption algorithms, shields the contents of this list. With complicated algorithms used, transactions are very impossible for other parties to intercept.


What are the benefits of cryptocurrencies?

  1. Allows user to transact without going through any middle-man – unlike using Bank or credit/debit cards which usually takes a few fees (interest)
  2. Allows user to carry their crypto currency wallet around with them, unlike the commonly used wallet that is only possible to carry with your mobile phone or personal computer.
  3. .Allows users to save money for later use without incurring any commission fees, to make it easy and cheap to spend on products and services, no matter where they are in the world.
  4. Allows users to trade (with each other) and transfer funds across country borders without going through cumbersome regulations. What are the common coins used in cryptocurrency? There are over 1000 different cryptos.

How does cryptocurrency work?

For everyone who are not up to date, Cryptocurrencies, or digital currencies, are a completely digital currency that are generated by an individual. This means that these are literally computer codes that are stored and distributed on a global network. They are not created by a bank or a government.

The individuals that own the system, call these cryptocurrency miners.The profits from mining are then distributed to the miners’ wallets. This system decentralizes transactions, centralizes security and essentially separates currency from politics.

Cryptocurrency Criticism

Because cryptocurrency market values are determined by supply and demand, the rate at which a cryptocurrency may be traded for another currency might fluctuate greatly, as the architecture of many cryptocurrencies assures a high degree of scarcity.

Bitcoin’s value has fluctuated dramatically, reaching as high as $17,738 per Bitcoin in December 2017 before plummeting to $7,575 in the months that followed. As a result, some economists believe that cryptocurrencies are a passing fad or speculative bubble.

There is worry that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are not based in any solid things. According to certain studies, the cost of creating a Bitcoin, which takes a growing quantity of energy, is closely proportional to its market price.

Although bitcoin blockchains are very secure, other parts of a cryptocurrency ecosystem, such as exchanges and wallets, are vulnerable to hacking. Several online exchanges have been hacked and stolen in Bitcoin’s 10-year existence, with millions of dollars in “coins” taken in certain cases. 10

Despite this, many analysts see potential benefits in cryptocurrencies, such as the ability to preserve value against inflation and facilitate exchange while being simpler to carry and split than precious metals and existing outside of the control of central banks and governments.

In a Nutshell, What Is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are systems that enable safe online payments and are denominated in terms of virtual “tokens.”

How to buy cryptocurrency

There is a very few, if any, way to buy cryptocurrency directly at exchanges. These exchanges usually have a ‘buy’ button and a ‘sell’ button, however they are not listed on Google or other major search engines

There is a few websites that will list these crypto exchanges but the prices are not in pennies or dollars, they are in the value of other currencies. It’s more of a commodity to them than a currency.

Bonus tips

  • Research Exchanges
  • Know How to Store Your Digital Currency
  • Diversify Your Investments
  • Prepare for Volatility

Important things to remember Cryptocurrency is a very volatile currency and only legitimate investors are going to benefit from it. You are fully responsible for any financial and personal gains you make.


Cryptocurrencies enable access to financial products or services across borders, without the need of a bank or a government; for example, you can send your money to any country in the world without any middlemen, and the recipient will receive the payment.


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