The best Indian Messaging Apps in 2021

Message applications have grown quicker. Message applications keep individuals linked wherever they are. This is the Indian government’s mission “voice for local”. WhatsApp’s recent statement about changing its data sharing policy with Facebook has enraged users worldwide. We can’t dispute that our reliance on WhatsApp has grown over time. Other Indian texting applications will protect your data. The following is a list of the best Indian messaging apps that may be used in instead of WhatsApp.

Indian Messenger App

Indian Messenger App The best Indian Messaging Apps in 2021
Indian messenger logo

Loopytime private limited is the company that created it. One of the most popular chat applications in India, it has a huge following. More than 130k people in India use the Indian Messenger software, which is marketed under the slogan “Voice for Local”. Aside from text messaging, it has a worldwide search like Facebook or Instagram, as well as storey and conversation requests.

In addition, it has a unique function that allows users to share a message with an unlimited number of individuals. In order to facilitate communication, Indian Messenger allows pictures, videos, audio communications, as well as a variety of file formats.


jio chat

JioChat is a messaging application in India that is supplied by Jio telecom services. The online Indian chat messenger supports text-based communication as well as HD voice and video calling. JioChat’s primary benefit is its ability to be customised.

Users may operate the app in a variety of regional languages by changing the language option. JioChat publishes topical emoticons, stickers, and more to give users with a media-rich experience.

Additionally, JioChat’s Indian messaging software enables enterprises to communicate with clients via a branded channel. It emulates social networking in a chat messaging app, complete with commercial promotions and entertaining video tales. Additionally, JioChat has a video conferencing feature that enables users to conduct live video conferences with a large number of participants.

Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger is one of the highest-quality Indian messaging applications available. It is extremely well suited for use in the office environment. Troop Messenger is a user-friendly workplace chat application that is small and packed with modern capabilities that suit your company’s demands and requirements.

instant messaging, audio and video calling, voicemail, screen sharing, video conferencing, and more. Troop Messenger also enables secure data hosting, which is critical for defence operations. Except for military, this Indian messaging software may be utilised by governments, non-profits, and NGOs.


ShareChat indian messenger

ShareChat is a rapidly expanding Indian chat software. ShareChat has surpassed 100 million downloads since its debut in 2015. The app’s multimedia-rich layout and design has made it one of India’s most popular chat applications. ShareChat is an Indian chat software that allows users to exchange videos, text, and music.

It combines TikTok, Facebook, WhatsApp, and other popular social media and messaging apps. The local language support is one of ShareChat’s main selling points.

ShareChat now supports 15 regional Indian languages, allowing users to express themselves freely. ShareChat, with 5.8 million daily active users, wants to grow faster.

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Namaste Bharat

Namaste Bharat app

Namaste Bharat is one of the most-searched Indian messaging applications that has mostly escaped public notice. The software has all of the typical talking capabilities, such as messages, voicemail, group chat, multimedia sharing, and real-time location sharing.

This top talking software in India synchronises data across different devices to guarantee that users do not lose track of their conversations. Additionally, this Indian texting software has business-specific capabilities. The whiteboard tool may be used to hold webinars, and the meeting planner can be used to organise in-person meetings.



Sandes is a mobile application developed by the Government of India’s National Informatics Center (NIC). It is a replacement for the Government Instant Messaging Services (GIMS). While GIMS was restricted to government workers, Sandes is open to the public. It has a plethora of things that Whatsapp does. Additionally, it, like WhatsApp, enables end-to-end encryption.

Sandes is available for download from the GIMS website. Signing up takes simply your cellphone number or email address and a one-time password (OTP). Unlike Whatsapp, Sandes does not require your cellphone number. Additionally, it contains verifiable statements from government authorities.


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