Best 6 Marketing Automation Tools & Software in 2022

Marketing is a critical component of every organisation. If your marketing efforts are directed correctly, you may enhance brand recognition and conversion rates. Marketers are responsible for a wide range of duties, including content strategy, lead capture and nurturing, customer information management, advertising campaign creation, task scheduling, and much more.

All of these duties involve a significant amount of time and energy. However, if you want to save time while increasing productivity and revenue, you may utilise marketing automation technologies to automate these time-consuming operations.

In 2021, over 51% of businesses used marketing automation tools and increased their sales productivity by 14.5%.

80% of marketers reported an increase in leads, while 77% reported an improvement in conversion rates.

All of these statistics indicate that you should employ marketing automation solutions in your firm. Finding the best marketing automation platform for your company’s needs might be difficult. Don’t worry, we’re here to assist you.

We will discuss the Best 6 Marketing Automation Tools & Software in 2022 in this post.

Marketing Hub by HubSpot


HubSpot is the first thing that springs to mind when considering a marketing automation platform. In the market, the gadget has a stellar reputation. You may use this technology to simplify your complete company operation in one spot. There’s no need to move between programmes!

Using the simple visual editor, you may create tailored processes for your email campaigns or multi-stage journeys. You may use advanced segmentation to determine which audiences will be enrolled in which strategies and when.

  • Starter – $45 per month
  • Professional – $800 per month
  • Enterprise – $3,200 per month

The programme gives you customisable email templates that you can use to create customised emails without any coding knowledge. Automate your email campaigns to create more leads and drive prospects through the sales funnel. HubSpot provides a plethora of triggers, criteria, and action parameters to help you send emails to the right individuals at the right time.

HubSpot goes beyond typical email automation by providing all the tools you need to score leads, rotate leads to sales, set up webhooks, and automate data movement from one team to another.

Your team will be notified instantly if a user makes an essential activity, such as posting a business question on your forum. This will allow your team to communicate rapidly with consumers and turn them into customers.

HubSpot also includes a collection of SEO and blogging tools. All in one spot, you can set up a drip campaign, manage your social media, develop Al-powered live chat, and design forms and landing sites. The product interacts with other HubSpot offerings, making it a steal.

You will also have access to HubSpot Academy, where you can learn how to utilise the technology efficiently and effectively. As can be seen, HubSpot is an excellent marketing automation solution.

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Eloqua by Oracle

oracle eloqua

Oracle Eloqua is a comprehensive marketing platform that allows you to nurture leads, obtain thorough insights, automate workflows, and manage cross-channel B2B marketing campaigns. Segment your users based on their site visits, individual characteristics, interests, and location.

Using the drag and drop editor, you can easily construct campaigns—real-time statistics on what users are doing on your website. SMS texting may be used to deliver event reminders, product updates, or to solicit feedback.

  • Basic – $2,000 per month
  • Standard – $4,000 per month

Based on client profiles, lead scores are updated in real-time across several campaigns. The application examines the user’s most recent behaviour and modifies the scores in real-time to provide realistic lead scores.

Oracle Eloqua has Al, which recommends what action you should do for each encounter. Locate your top-performing goods and content. Find the most engaged users by using Eloqua’s account engagement rating.

Pardot by Salesforce

saleforce pardot

Pardot is an excellent marketing automation platform for businesses that cater to other companies. Create deeper connections with consumers and see an increase in sales with the help of this product. With Pardot, you can monitor sales activity, prospects, and campaigns in real-time.

Create landing pages and online forms with ease using the intuitive drag-and-drop editor. Benefit from Pardot’s automatic lead scoring to attract highly lucrative leads. Automate your routine sales and marketing chores.

  • $1,250/month for Growth
  • $2,500/month for Plus.
  • $4,000 per month for Advanced

Build dynamic ads that respond to each consumer’s unique behaviours and purchasing cues to advance them in the sales process. Your sales staff may make the most of their time with prospects by using the system’s built-in sales alerts and assignment triggers to make contact at the right moment.

Using Pardot’s user-friendly email editor, you can easily divide your target audience into specific subsets depending on their preferences. The built-in SPAM analysis tool on the platform will examine your email copy for spam indicators.

Use the prospect’s grade, title, industry, and occupation to tailor your email message. You can find out which of your emails is more popular with your readers by doing an A/B test.

With the data shown visually, you may evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns and increase your marketing strength. Using the engagement and lifecycle reports, you may learn about your sales success and see where your leads are stalling in the funnel.

Automate your email campaigns, use Al to improve your subject lines, and discover the optimal time to send emails. Create responsive emails, landing sites, and forms without learning HTML coding. Save content blocks that you frequently use so that you may reuse them in future campaigns.

Make dynamic content for your landing pages and emails that changes and personalises messaging based on the user’s behaviour and location. Analyse analytics like email openings, clickthroughs, form submissions, and more after starting the campaign.

Eloqua will automatically find and prioritise top-tier accounts with high-buying prospects to assist your business in improving sales. On your dashboard, you can monitor extensive data and analyse metrics such as bulk API activity, native CRM activity, email sends, form submissions, page visits, and more. All of your campaigns should be monitored and compared.



SendinBlue allows you to automate your time-consuming marketing tasks, acquire leads, segment your audience, and send the correct message at the right time via email and SMS.

You may create a process and a series of rules that will trigger a particular action for your prospects. This includes sending emails and SMS automatically, organising contacts into different lists, and updating your information in real-time. A/B split testing and lead scoring should be automated.

  • Lite – $25 per month
  • Premium – $65 per month

Set up a CRM in minutes and immediately transfer all your contact information into the CRM contact profile. Using the CRM, you may create and assign projects to your peers and establish deadlines.

Create personalised sales funnels and forms without even any coding knowledge. Choose from over 40 responsive email templates and effortlessly alter them with the drag and drop editor. Add your prospect’s name to the text of your email content to make it more personal.

You may also use prospect database attributes to personalise your email. For example, if you know that a certain contact adores the colour yellow, you may display several product photos with yellow as the backdrop.

Segment your contact list depending on the prospect’s preferences, prior engagement or purchase history, and socioeconomic or regional factors. You may have your contacts list automatically updated based on actions they perform on your website and email.

Get precise email marketing statistics and use Al to determine the optimum time to send emails to each subscriber. Using the email heat map functionality, you can examine how your receivers engage with your email.

Send bulk SMS marketing campaigns directly from your database to your contacts. You may also send transactional SMS order confirmations, shipment updates, password resets, and other messages.

Install a chatbox on your website and respond to your users’ questions using the Sendinblue Chat Inbox. Directly from the chat box, you can see the page of the website the user is now on. You may utilise the Facebook advertisements feature straight from SendinBlue.



Most of the tools on this list are geared toward automating marketing and sales activities. However, EngageBay also automates your support system. This enables you to give your consumers excellent after-sales care.

On your website, you may install live chat software. When users begin a discussion, your sales staff is immediately alerted. On your dashboard, you can see all of your customers’ tickets. You may configure typical answers for tickets. Create support groups based on departments or expertise and route support queries to the appropriate groups.

  • Basic – $11.99 per month
  • Growth – $39.99 per month
  • Pro – $79.99 per month

Customers’ location, total pages visited, and time spent on the website may all be obtained through live chat. Get detailed statistics on support tickets and learn about the most prevalent issues your clients are experiencing.

You can deliver leads from marketing to the sales team, automate your workflow and data input, plan meetings, generate follow-ups for each information, and much more using EngageBay’s CRM.

Every encounter with your customer, including emails, phone calls, and meetings, is automatically logged into the system and displayed to you in the form of a timeline.

Marketing and sales processes may be created using the drag-and-drop visual builder. Lead scoring may be automated based on email openings, link clicks, website visits, etc.

Create drip email campaigns and personalise emails using contact information such as names, companies, regions, interests, etc. Receive notifications when people read your email or click a specific link, and communicate with your consumers at the appropriate moment to boost conversion rates.

Landing pages and forms may also be readily constructed. Push alerts can also be sent. Set up pop-ups on your website and show them to clients as they are ready to depart.

Segment your client list automatically based on the activities they do or do not take. Customers may be tagged depending on their behaviour patterns, and clever personalised marketing campaigns can be launched.

Active Campaign

Marketing Automation Tools & Software in 2022

If you want to automate your email marketing efforts, Active Campaign is your tool. Most of the tools on this list will assist you in automating your email campaigns. However, Active Campaign takes email marketing to a whole new level.

You may send several emails to your consumers with Active Campaign, including broadcast emails, targeted emails, transactional emails, scheduled emails, and email autoresponders.

Pricing is as follows:

  • Lite – $29 per month
  • Plus – $49 per month
  • Professional – $149 per month

Using the drag and drop editor, you can construct gorgeous email campaigns in a few minutes. Segment your audience by personal interests, work function, geographical area, website visits, email clicks, items purchased, quiz results, and time since the last purchase.

You may add tags to your list based on which pages or links they clicked on your website or in your email.

Create forms on your website to collect clients’ personal information, preferences, and other information using standard and custom fields. Display forms based on the user’s behaviour and interests at the appropriate moment. You may automate email sequences so that as soon as the form is completed, clients will get a series of emails encouraging them to purchase your items.

Send personalised emails using consumer information such as name, city, preferences, purchase history, etc. Active Campaign provides six recommended email deliverability practices to ensure your email reaches subscribers’ inboxes.

The programme will automatically examine and eliminate inactive email addresses to ensure maximum email deliverability. It includes pre-built automation and re-engagement campaigns to assist you in consistently connecting with your clients. The programme also includes a spam checker.

You may send double-opt-in emails to your customers to ensure that only the interested people are joined to your email list. Notify your team that high-value leads should be followed up on.


As you can see, all the tools will assist you in automating your job; nevertheless, you should not select a programme randomly. Understand your company’s needs, budget, and technological competence, and you’ll quickly locate the ideal tool.

Because most tools provide a free trial period, you may test them and then purchase them if you are happy.

What is the difference between marketing automation and CRM?

Automation in digital marketing and email marketing helps you produce and score leads more efficiently. On the other side, customer relationship management software facilitates the monitoring and development of prospective clients into paying customers.

What is the most common use of marketing automation?

Lead generation, automated email marketing, automated social media posting, and improved conversion rates are the primary uses of marketing automation platforms.


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