10 Amazing Facts About The Reliance Group You Didn’t Know

Have you heard of Reliance Group? Reliance Group is a company with deep roots in India and is also one of the largest private sector companies in India.There are a lot of amazing facts about Reliance Group that people don’t know about. Check out this list of 10 amazing facts about Reliance Group.

Dhirubhai Ambani founded Reliance Group

Amazing Facts About The Reliance Group You Didn't Know

The company was co-founded by Dhirubhai Ambani and Champaklal Damani in 1960’s as Reliance Commercial Corporation. In 1965, the partnership ended and Dhirubhai continued the polyester business of the firm.In 1985, the name of the company was changed from Reliance Textiles Industries Ltd. to Reliance Industries Ltd.

The split

Dhirubhai Ambani died from an unexpected cardiac arrest in 2002, and the feud among his sons started because of the obvious reason: there was no will. Their mother brokered a demerger in 2005, which gave Mukesh control over oil and gas, petrochemicals, refining and manufacturing while Anil took reign over electricity, telecoms and financial services.

The BIG numbers

Revenue: More than 100 billion Operating Revenue: More than 50 billion Net Profit: More than 50 billion Famous Reliance Group Brands: Reliance Fresh, Reliance Energy, Reliance Defence and Engineering, Reliance Jio 1. India’s largest private sector company with more than 2,500 companies in 250 plus locations across 40 countries .

Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited (RJIL)

Jio Infocomm Limited (RJIL) is India’s largest telecom and media company. It provides telecom, data services and broadcasting to more than a billion Indians.Jio was launched on 5 September 2016

It had reached 16 million subscribers within one month of the launch and started a revolution to disrupt the data consumption and sparked a price war in hyper-competitive telecom market ultimately benefiting the customers.

The highest income-tax payer

RIL is the highest income-tax payer in the Indian private sector and Reliance pays almost 5% of the government of India’s total revenues from customs and excise duty.Reliance India Limited generated about 6.5Llakh crore revenue INR.his company is ranked 106th on the Fortune Global 500 list of the world’s biggest corporations as of 2019.

” Everybody has equal opportunity and I think that is true for everything.”

– Mukesh ambani

India’s first International School

India’s first International School for dance and arts

As a mark of their commitment to their motto of “Developing Imagination”, in 2008, Reliance opened ‘Aishwarya Academy’ – India’s first International School for dance, music and acting. In 2016, it was renamed Aishwarya Global School.

forefront of ensuring clean drinking water

Reliance has also been at the forefront of ensuring clean drinking water to the citizens of India. Since 1979, Reliance Group has sponsored various civic bodies to build 1,112 water treatment plants across the country

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JioSolar Park

Reliance has set up the world’s largest photovoltaic power plant in Hyderabad The solar power plant has a capacity of 5 MW of solar photovoltaic power and was set up at the JioSolar Park, which is a major manufacturing hub for the Indian photovoltaic industry.

Dhirubhai Ambani Lakhibag Amrayee Largest Orchard Of Mangoes In Asia 

Dhirubhai Ambani Lakhibag Amrayee Largest Orchard Of Mangoes In Asia 
Mango fruit close-up on a branch in orchard.

In 1997, Reliance used to generate a huge amount of pollution through its plants and PCB warned them about this. Reliance began to convert the wastelands of Jamnagar into a mango orchard near the refineries as a way to control pollution. Now it is Asia’s best mango orchard with more than 1.3 lakh plants of over 200 species.

That’s how they convert their weakness into a strength.The orchard was named as Dhirubhai Ambani Lakhibag Amrayee, after the founder of Reliance Industries, Dhirubhai Ambani. The name of Reliance’s orchard was inspired by the mango orchard created by Mughal Emperor Akbar in the 16th century which is called Lakhibag, located at Darbhanga in Bihar.

The first industrial sale.

It took 13 years for Reliance to make its first industrial sale. After starting the business in 1966, the company finally made its first industrial sale in 1983. It was bought out by Lanco Hydroelectric Power, which was sold for Rs 33 crore.


These amazing facts about Reliance Group are interesting and worth knowing. There are a lot more facts and stories about Reliance Group that I could write, but this list of 10 is enough for now.


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