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What Is Cryptocurrency and How Does It Work? Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain: Everything You Need to Know

Cryptocurrency has sparked a lot of interest. People are becoming increasingly interested in trading this new digital asset. Due to the significant volatility of the crypto market, you should conduct your own research before investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, or other popular currencies. In India, the price of Bitcoin was Rs. 29.7 lakhs, while the price of Ethereum was Rs. 1.8 lakhs, and the price of Dogecoin was Rs. 15.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency that is issued and controlled by its developers. It is created and distributed without the involvement of banks, governments, or other third-party institutions. Cryptocurrency is a completely decentralized and pseudonymous digital asset. In other words, it operates on a ledger known as the blockchain. This ledger is accessible by all people around the world. The blockchain ensures the authenticity and security of each individual cryptocurrency asset. Cryptocurrency is unregulated and there is no monetary authority that can regulate its price. The value of a cryptocurrency, as well as its popularity, is highly determined by the demand from its users. There are two main types of cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Historical Context of Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency. It was created in 2009. However, many people believe that it was not the first cryptocurrency. Crypto currencies can be divided into two categories: Cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Blockchain is the underlying technology that makes cryptocurrencies possible. This technology is still in its early stages of development, so cryptos have little value as blockchain tokens, but they can be used as vehicles for digital transactions. The first cryptocurrency was Bitcoin. It was first introduced in 2009 by an anonymous programmer. The cryptonote was initially not integrated with a real exchange. The price of Bitcoin was $0.14 at the time of the first blockchain record on April 28, 2009. Within a short period, the price of Bitcoin soared to $3.

Why is the price of cryptocurrencies so volatile?

While people see cryptocurrencies as an alternative mode of investment, they have been facing a lot of volatility due to economic crises, political issues, and unstable markets. During the summer of 2017, a whole host of poor currencies led to the value of Bitcoin dropping by more than 50%. Many of the currencies that fell to lower value started again rising, leading to an overall decline. Can cryptocurrencies be used for illegal activity? The Bitcoin protocol is completely open source and the technology is used in around 13.5% of the transactions. Hence, the cryptocurrency does not have its own inbuilt authority to ensure it is used for legal activities. Why should I invest in Bitcoin?

What Is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a decentralized, decentralized, and distributed database, but it is not a new technology. The invention of blockchain as a technology dates back to 1988. To understand how this works, you need to understand how data works in computer systems. A computer works on the principle that each and every bit of information is sent to the network and then re-assembled. In a blockchain, a record is kept on several nodes. As there are many nodes, it is impossible to tamper with a record, as each record is linked to the other. The nodes of a blockchain are kept private, or they are public but can be trusted. As a result, an encrypted document is saved. This encrypted document cannot be altered.

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that was introduced in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin is a digital currency in which transactions are made without the involvement of banks or other third parties. A Bitcoin is created by making a transaction with the help of a computer network. Transactions are verified by Bitcoin software. No banks are involved in these transactions and no other intermediaries are required. What Are the Features of Bitcoin? Bitcoin is decentralized. One unit of Bitcoin has no more than 21 million coins and they are not issued by any central bank or any other authority. There is no minimum or maximum for the number of units of Bitcoin that can be issued.

What Is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a programmable blockchain. This means that you can use Ethereum to build different products. This includes smart contracts, prediction markets, and decentralized applications (dApps). Ethereum operates through smart contracts, which are basically a set of rules that make the transactions easier to execute. For instance, there is a contract called DAO, which allowed people to vote on the future of a company. What Are Bitcoin And Blockchain? A blockchain is a decentralized public ledger. This ledger is maintained by the network. Every transaction is added to the ledger. The blockchain is essentially a collection of every transaction ever recorded. This makes it more secure. All transactions in the past are there in the database, and no one can hack it.

What Is Dogecoin?

While Dogecoin is often described as ‘geeky’, it is becoming quite popular. The crypto-currency uses the Shiba Inu dog as its mascot. In April 2017, the price of a single Dogecoin reached $30, which was twice the price of Bitcoin at the time. What Is Ether Ether is the currency of the Ethereum network. If you are looking for a blockchain-based application platform, then you should consider investing in Ethereum. The price of Ether has remained quite volatile, with the currency falling more than 70% in the past few months. What Is Litecoin, like Bitcoin, also uses blockchain technology for digital payments. The Dogecoin mining community is still using the LTC (Bitcoin Litecoin ) network to secure transactions and generate currency.

The Future of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are used in a different way than in traditional investment market. You are not actually investing in physical assets such as gold. Instead, you are investing in technology that is issued and managed by independent banks or other organisations. Crypto coins and tokens can be bought by exchanging your local currency or fiat. If you are wondering how this works, the analogy below will help you understand. Most traditional investors only deal with currencies, not tokens. Bitcoins, for instance, are digital, they have no physical, or virtual form. At the moment, traditional investors have no use for this. Cryptocurrency have the potential to bring some great benefits to the society and the economy.

How To Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum or Dogecoin

Buy the currencies in the crypto market using a digital wallet. To buy crypto, you will need a digital wallet to store and exchange currency. However, you may use a bank account or credit or debit card to purchase your cryptocurrencies. The digital wallet works as a payment gateway which allows you to purchase or exchange crypto currencies. There are many digital wallet providers in India including PhonePe, Mobikwik, Freecharge, Amazon Pay, PayU India, and Amazon PayCash among others. You can use them to buy any of the cryptocurrencies. How to Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin With A Credit Card To buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin using a credit card, you will need a registered credit card. Even though credit cards are unregulated, you can be charged a small annual fee for them.


It is important to note that Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading can be very risky and volatile. Consequently, you should keep a close eye on market trends. If you have decided to get into crypto trading, you should visit and have a look at the company’s risk policy before you invest. In India, the price of Bitcoin was Rs. 29.7 lakhs, while the price of Ethereum was Rs. 1.8 lakhs, and the price of Dogecoin was Rs. 15.

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